Sample project for Renesas RX (R5F64112DFB + E1) / Renesas e2 Studio Used Versions: - Renesas RX v3.06.00 - Reneas e2 Studio 2022-10 - TESSY V5.1.8 - Renesas E1 debugging device with R5F64112DFB - Extract the archive, keep folder structure, import the example project via the .pdbx file into your TESSY project list. - Once you load the project you will be asked to restore the Database, please confirm this. - Open the TEE via File|Edit Environment and inspect the attributes (you may enable expert mode) Please read TESSY's e2 Studio application note (Help->Documentation...->Targets->Using 058 Renesas e2 studio debugger) - Import the included e2 Studio project "tessy_51_example" into your used e2 Studio workspace. - The test cases eight and nine of is_value_in_range deliberately fail. If they do not fail, the configuration is incorrect for your target device and has to be adjusted.