TESSY Evaluation Key Request

Evaluation Key Request

Please complete the registration form below to request a time limited demo license of TESSY. Make sure to enter your correct email id as your license key will be emailed to you. Fields marked with an asterisk '*' are required.

The registration information will be automatically inserted, if you request a license key within TESSY as follows:

If you start TESSY the first time, the Registration dialog will popup automatically. Within the Register dialog click License... and then Online Request. This will direct you to this registration page.

Alternatively, either copy and paste the registration information from the Register dialog in the Key field or send an email to support@razorcat.com.

Registration Information

Contact information

Important note:

If you wish to receive a time limited license, your email address must be an email address with a domain url that originates from a company or from an educational institution.



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