TESSY beginner

TESSY beginner

Get basic knowledge and skills about the functioning and practical application of TESSY.

Duration: 2 days (Presence)
Location: 76337 Waldbronn | Im Ermlisgrund 3 | Germany
Seminar language: German
Focus: Basics of testing with TESSY, unit testing
Pre-qualifications: Knowledge of C-programming
Target audience: TESSY beginner, test engineers, software engineers
Number of participants: 5-12
Kosten: 590.00 EUR (net) with valid TESSY maintenance contract
1,180.00 EUR (net) without valid TESSY maintenance contract


In this seminar you will be introduced to the basics of unit testing with TESSY. The basic workflow includes all necessary steps from setting up a test project to test execution and creating test result reports. The theoretical knowledge will be illustrated and applied with practical examples, giving you your own hands-on experience. Thus, at the end of the seminar you will be able to carry out your own TESSY project.

Detailed information about the content of the seminar can be found on the TESSY-beginner seminar page at:


Seminar TESSY-beginner


Thank you for your interest in our TESSY-beginner seminar. Our seminar leaders have many years of experience in the productive use of TESSY, which they are happy to pass on to the participants in the seminars.

Registration no longer possible. If you have any questions, please contact us at seminar@razorcat.com

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