TESSY V5.1 frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is new in TESSY V5.1?

The latest versions 5.1 of TESSY contains many new functions compared to TESSY 4.3/5.0:

  • TESSY v5.1 comes with a reworked icon design for all existing perspectives and views as well as for the new Test Cockpit view. The new layout of the coverage icons requires less space so that all coverage columns within the Test Cockpit and Test Project view became narrower.
  • The new Test Cockpit view provides an overview of all source files located within the project root or source root directory of a TESSY project. Both the results of executed tests as well as the achieved coverage results are summarized on source file level.
  • The new Code Access feature automatically detects hidden or untested code in all variants in the source code under test. While analyzing a module, TESSY calculates checksums for source files and preprocessed source files in order to detect variations of source code. As a result, the Test Cockpit view shows source files with all their tested variations.
  • The new Hyper Coverage feature provides accumulation of coverage results across different tests, testing levels and test tools. The Hyper Coverage applies the normal coverage measurements (e.g. branch or MC/DC coverage) to create a relation between the measured coverage results with respect to the different code variations. The existing bounds of coverage measurements for different code variants were overcome which allows an accumulation of coverage based on the original source code lines.
  • A new default setting for the Test Project view ignores the coverage results for the test result status icons of test collections, folders, modules and test objects. The coverage results will still be summarized up to the test collection within the coverage columns but the test result excludes the achieved coverage.
  • The new coverage review feature supports handling of unreached source code lines when measuring code coverage using the new Code Access (CA) and Hyper Coverage (HC) features. Source code lines can be marked with predefined as well as arbitrary comments for documentation of why they cannot be reached. Typical situations are hidden debug code or unreachable default branches.
  • The new test summary report replaces the former test overview report. It provides the condensed summary of the current status of the test project based on the tested source files showing test and coverage results as well as coverage reviews.
  • When testing new versions of a source code, former results for unchanged source code parts will automatically be reused and displayed within the Test Cockpit view. For test execution you can decide to run only tests where the tests objects have been changed or tests that have been updated since the last execution. This feature can dramatically reduce the test execution time for recurring continuous testing on CI systems because only changed tests or code parts will be tested again.

Can I re-use my existing test cases created with V3.0/V3.1/V3.2/V4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3 in TESSY V5.1?

Yes, this is possible. If you open a TESSY database (*.pdbx) created using TESSY V3.0/V3.1/V3.2/V4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3 in TESSY V5.1, TESSY V5.1 asks you if you want to convert the database in the format used by TESSY V5.1. If you confirm, the conversion is done automatically by TESSY V5.1.
Please note that you usually have to make adjustments to the configuration. This depends on the version you have used. This conversion is irreversible!

Can I convert test cases created with TESSY V5.1 into formats used in former versions TESSY?

No, this is not possible.

Is TESSY V5.1 qualified for use in safety-related software development, like TESSY V4.3/V4.2/V4.1/V3.0/V3.1/V3.2/V2.9 is?

Yes, TESSY V5.1 is qualified for safety-related software development, the updated certification report is available here.

If I update to a floating license server (FLS) for TESSY V5.1, can I still use previous versions of TESSY?

A license for TESSY V5.1 for Razorcat Floating License Server FLS V8.2 is also valid for all previous versions of TESSY V2.x/V3.x/V4.1/4.2 and V4.3. There are no changes required for older TESSY installations to contact an FLS for TESSY V5.1.

Can I just update the license file of my current FLS on my network server for TESSY V4.3 or lower to be able to run TESSY V5.1?

For FLS versions less version FLS V8.2 you have to upgrade your installed version to the most current version. In order to receive a new license file you need to migrate your existing license. Please ask for the detailed procedure before updating the server. If version FLS V8.2 is already installed, you can simply exchange the license file and restart the FLS.

Can I operate multiple FLS versions for TESSY in parallel on the same machine?

No. Basically, you can only run one version of an FLS.

Can I run Tessy V2.9/V3.0/V3.1/V3.2/V4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3 and TESSY V5.1 in parallel?

TESSY V5.1 can be installed and used in parallel with existing TESSY V2.9/3.0/3.1/3.2/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3 installations on the same machine. If you use versions in parallel at the same time, you will need a license for each version.

Will TESSY V2.9/V3.0/3.1/3.2/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3 stay available?

TESSY V2.9/3.0/3.1/3.2/4.0 have reached their end of life, i.e. there will be no more bugfixes available for these versions. TESSY V4.1/4.2/4.3 will still be provided with bugfixes but no new features and no new compiler and debugger combinations will be added. New features and new combinations of microcontrollers / compilers / debuggers will be provided for TESSY V5.1 only.